Sumi-e: Bamboo & Insects

Sumi-e is a Japanese pictorial technique made of black ink. It is characterized by representing nature in both an expressive and simple way. It has a strong connection with Zen practices and is therefore considered a meditative and relaxing activity.

In this workshop we will learn about the Four Honorable Knights, the study motifs par excellence of Sumi-e, and the main strokes to create our own paintings. We will work and deepen the bamboo motif.

It's an opportunity to spend time, to learn at your own pace, to become aware and to let the brush convey the inner state of each other.

About the teacher:

Laura Blanco studied Fine Arts and took a Master of Teaching. Currently, she combines visual and musical projects with artistic teaching in different centers.

She is passionate about everything that allows her to be creative and explore her environment. She tries to learn from people around her, from the experiences she lives and the feelings they provoke on her. She enjoys creating bridges between her world and the universes of her imagination. That's why she always tries to explore with curiosity all disciplines that attract her attention, always discovering new ways to express what she wants. 

Sumi-e: Bamboo & Insects
35.00 € 35.0 EUR
Date & Time


2 December 2023

17:00 20:00

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Carrer Canonge Baranera, 2E
/ Carrer Sant Francesc de Paula
08911 Badalona
+34 933 84 54 64
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