Initiation to Lettering

We will learn the basis to get started in the world of lettering. We will work the letters from scratch, practicing the basic traces, the most characteristic lowercase and uppercase letters of this style. Tombow® markers will be used to carry out this technique. A composition will be created from the first sketch, to the final design.

About the teacher:

Laia Voto is a creative woman, in love with graphic design, who creates very original lyrics using different colors and styles, with attractive shapes. In her lettering workshop you'll learn how she does it and you'll be able to discover and develop your creativity. 

Initiation to Lettering
35.00 € 35.0 EUR
Date & Time


30 September 2023

11:30 13:30

espai BOTER

Carrer Canonge Baranera, 2E
/ Carrer Sant Francesc de Paula
08911 Badalona
+34 933 84 54 64
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