Cyanotype is an ancient photographic printing process that provides very particular blue-cyan images. To achieve this, photosensitive surfaces must be created by chemical solution, on which photoliths or elements that do not allow light to pass in some areas are subsequently available. Finally, surfaces are exposed to sunlight or UV, which is the one that will generate the image.

Knowing and experiencing the process of this technique offers an opportunity to approach analog photography as well as pictorial photography, so that we can create unique images on different media and formats. In this workshop, we'll learn to create photoliths, prepare solutions to be able to sensitize media such as paper or cloth, and experiment with insolate (light exposure) to find out different results and obtain optimally. So we can take our first cyanotypes along with experience and knowledge to be able to do it wherever we want.

 About the teacher:

Luis Torrojainterdisciplinary creative, photographer and videographer. Graduated in Fine Arts and Senior Technician in Graphic Design and Image. 

Cyanotype Workshop
60.00 € 60.0 EUR
Date & Time


14 October 2023

10:00 13:00

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Carrer Canonge Baranera, 2E
/ Carrer Sant Francesc de Paula
08911 Badalona
+34 933 84 54 64
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